Billboards Help You Love Traffic!

Billboards Help You Love Traffic!

“Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it!” – Charles Dudley Warner

You could say the same thing about traffic around The Vegas Strip! No one likes sitting in traffic, but billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising put your brand right in front of your next customer. When it comes to getting the best pricing for billboards and the best consultative service, you want to talk to the experts at Billboard Connection.

For more than 30 years, Billboard Connection has been working with all types of businesses to help turn traffic from something to complain about to something to love. Every company struggles with brand awareness at some point in their life cycle. It’s a fact that billboard advertising helps increase your brand awareness and puts your company in the minds of your next customer.

Do Billboards Work?

There are still doubters out there who wonder if billboards work. Here are some quick facts:
● People now spend more time in their cars than they do in front of their TVs
● Most people look at billboard messages (71%)
● People remember billboards (73%)
● People talk about funny billboards (56%)
● Billboards can drive traffic to your business (32%)
● We make buying decisions while driving (68%)

Given this data, you can see why business owners still want to include billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising in their marketing mix.

How Much Does Renting A Billboard Around Las Vegas Cost?

At Billboard Connection, we get a lot of questions, and this is far and away the most common one. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple answer. There are a few things we need to know before we can give you an effective quote for billboard ads. Some of these details include:

● Number of billboards you’d like to rent
● Location of the billboards
● Whether you want to use traditional or digital billboards
● Duration of your rental agreement (how long you’d like to advertise)

These points help us nail down most of the details. From here, we can better quote you a price, but outdoor advertising is more than about simply price. Our staff wants to help you accomplish your advertising goals- whether that’s to increase your brand awareness or simply get your phone ringing more.

Billboard Advertising Helps You Reach More For Less

It’s just a fact that all advertising is a gamble. That’s why you want to be smart about how you spend your advertising dollars. When you are comparing all of the ways to advertise your business, one of the metrics you use to make a fair comparison is something called “cost per reach”. This term refers to how much it costs to reach your next customer. Billboards help expose your company to thousands of potential customers- possibly more so than any other form of advertising.

Billboards are one of the most cost effective ways to reach thousands with the best cost per reach in Vegas.

The Benefits Of Billboards

Whenever you’re considering how to advertise your business, it’s important to consider what works. Weighing the pros and cons of billboard advertising is important. To help with that, we’ve compiled a list for you below:

Billboards Work Around The Clock

Once you rent a billboard and it’s in place for you, it’s always on. People driving by have only two choices- to look or not to look. The ad can’t be turned off or deleted. It’s always there to grab the attention of passers by. TV commercials can be fast forwarded through. Radio commercials can cause the listener to punch the next station, etc. Your message never falters and is ever present.

Billboards & Outdoor Advertising Provides Multiple Touches

Most sales people say it takes 6-10 “touches” with a potential customer to get a sale. While this probably varies depending upon the product and the industry, billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising provide these opportunities since people tend to travel the same routes to school, work and play. This means your next customer sees your ads every time they’re on the way to where they’re going. This could add up to hundreds of touches in a single month!

Billboard Advertising Increases Brand Awareness

It’s a simple fact that if no one knows your business name or what you do, they simply won’t call you- no matter how excellent your company is. In a very short period of time, billboard ads can help turn your business into a household name. Once the need arise for your product or service, it’s more likely that you will get the call based on recall alone.

Digital Billboards

Renting a single billboard is one thing, but what if you could find an even more affordable way to put your business on multiple billboards all around Vegas? That’s where digital billboards can come into play.

Digital billboards have several messages on them that change out every 10 seconds or so. This allows several different businesses to be shown on the same space. It’s a great way to have your company seen in different spots all around Las Vegas which can help you saturate your target market.

Other Forms Of Outdoor Advertising

When it comes to outdoor advertising, there are many different options. There are even different types of billboards- traditional, digital and even mobile. Instead of waiting for the traffic to pass your billboard, mobile billboards allow you to take your message to wherever people gather. Some of the other forms of outdoor advertising include:

● Mall Advertising
● Cinema Advertising
● Transit Ads
● Bus Shelter Ads

We work with your company to develop an effective campaign to help increase your brand awareness and turn your business into a household name.

Our Service Area

Billboard Connection is a franchise that provides service all around North Las Vegas, Las Vegas and Henderson. We have the capability to rent billboards for local, regional or national campaigns. When you’re ready to get more business. let us help you fall in love with traffic!.

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